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Reviews customers

Here you can look for our happy customers that purchase our products, pillows and dakimakuras too! Look at here:
Based on 923 reviews

Ryoko Hakubi Body pillow case TENCHI MUYO

First Purchase

Worth the price, great texture & fabric

Asami Ryuichi keychain

Perfect 🥰

Alucard fan's dream come true

Something for anyone who like Aucard from Castlevania and wants nothing more then to hug the prince of darkness while you fall asleep to pleasant dreams

Crusch Lulu

Crusch Lulu is so cute!

Great quality super soft


Good quality puffy keychain


The keychains are great good quality. They came squished but went back to there original form.

Akeno Himejima Body pillow case HIGH SCHOOL DXD

Tatsumaki Mousepad 3D ONE PUNCH MAN

Great product

To start with the fabric of the plush pillow is phenomenal, it’s as soft as a cotton ball. Sadly it stains as badly, so be careful about where you place this item. Illustration’s incredible they incorporate your ideas into a cutesy style. Important to note contact the company by email after purchase to informe them with references.

A Heart Made Fullmetal

I absolutely love this pillow! I got 150 cm on velvet and it’s amazing. It actually fits my body pillow instead of having an extra 10 inches hang off the bottom!

Cute blood loving girl

It's great having her around my room. Front and back design are great.

Best Chiaki Nanami Cover

I got this cover cause I was looking for covers of Chiaki Nanami, and I wasn't disappointed. The art is well done, material very soft, and came very fast. I remember looking at other covers for this character and this one caught my eyes and I became interested in getting it. Now I can cuddle with the Ultimate Gamer while I sleep or relax after a long day. Honestly worth the price.

My favourite Upper Moon. As always excellent shipping time, the colours are vibrant with a killer design to match.


Image quality is perfect and I love the texture! So handsome


The cover came quick and it was very soft. Well drawn art and worth the price.

Keigo Takami / Hawks v2 Body pillow case MY HERO ACADEMIA

Cristine v1 Mousepad 3D WAR DEMON KIRSTIN

The item came safely a little squished it went back to it's supposed shape. Decent quality for mouse pad.

Very poggers

Sort, smoth, and with Toby. Good things are happening.

Soft and awesome cover

The cover fits perfectly with my pillow, as well as being soft, smooth, and good artwork. Highly recommend it.

Great product

The material I selected was 2 way tricot, it’s soft and silky smooth great for hugging. The design is as you see in the photographs with its different shade’s of blue, that seem vibrant at any time of day. It’s an incredible product and I hope many can enjoy.

Mai Natsume Body pillow case BLAZBLUE

Really soft, and good

Best Dakimakura its so soft and good to sleep with, 10/10

I love this so much.

I have bought a few dakimakuras from Mitgard, and this one is by far my favorite. I love the art so much. And as always, the material feels wonderful. Very comfortable.