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Reviews customers

Here you can look for our happy customers that purchase our products, pillows and dakimakuras too! Look at here:
Based on 945 reviews
Very nice

Art and print quality are great

Great quality

Another really nice case, great art and print quality

Bea is beautiful!

I love it! Bea is such a strong beauty!

super cute

i was skeptical at first,but when she came in i fell in love,she matches my room theme perfectly.

Great daki!

Great Daki!


Love It!

Coconut is my girls favorite character and the tricot is just the perfect silky feel for her, made a perfect holiday gift!


She's perfect,once again pictures don't do it justice.

Aizawa Shota / Eraser Head Body pillow case SALE


Pictures don't do her just,she's drop dead pretty!


I brought this cover after watching the show, and when it came, it was in superb and great condition. As always, the art and the quality of the product was great and worth the money.

Excellent Product

Purchased two of these at different times with the 2-way tricot fabric. Extremely soft to the touch and so wonderful to hold. Print quality is excellent, there is an added logo in the bottom corner but it’s barely noticeable. Couldn’t be happier!

2b or not 2b

The body pillow came very fast and was in very good condition. The art of 2b was very good, and the material used was very soft. Overall, worth the price.

Material review

its is 'rough' and warm very different expectation from the research I did on the material I chosen

Amazing work!

Love how it turned out. Would buy another in the future some time!

Great quality

The material and print quality are great, as is the art itself

Is soft

Nice and soft, a little expensive and too long to ship. But nice and soft. Should have got one with different prints on either side.

Muzan Kibutsuji Body pillow cover DEMON SLAYER

Vivid Colors, Amazing Art,and Great Quality

An amazing body pillow and is probably my favorite. I love how the colors pop out

Best in terms of body pillow cover commissions

When I ordered for this commission, I was surprised by the amount of attention and contact made by Mitgard. Communications was good and quick, the updates were informative and constant, and the art itself was very good. Definitely worth it and would probably do another commission again.

Just as i wished

The artwork came out just as i wished! The texting between me and mitgard went really well and without problems. There is really nothing negative i could say about my experience. So if you want to have a dakimakura of your favorite character in whichever position i can fully recommand this commission!

Ryoko Hakubi Body pillow case TENCHI MUYO

First Purchase

Worth the price, great texture & fabric

Asami Ryuichi keychain

Perfect 🥰