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Reviews customers

Here you can look for our happy customers that purchase our products, pillows and dakimakuras too! Look at here:
Based on 1017 reviews
Material is top-notch

I got the 2-way tricot and I LOVE IT! The art was super clear and colors were very vibrant. Customer service recommended this option for me when there were two different sides I wanted and it was the perfect option. Service responded very fast and kept me worry-free. This site is not a scam, it just takes time.

Astaroth Queen of the Inferno

I've been searching for a daki for this character for a long time. Unfortunately such daki didn't exist. So I had to commission one. I did not know what to expect since I never had a daki. But after a lengthy process the results are very nice.

Chihiro Fujisaki: Ultimate Pillow Case!

Mitgard did an excellent job sending updates to me via email. It arrived in the estimated time that they’d say it arrived. My case did have an issue (the zipper broke), so they were kind enough to send a replacement. Chihiro Fujisaki is a character that means a lot to me, so I’m glad I can cuddle a representation of said character in the comfort of my home.

I love my birb 🧡

Everything lived up to my expectations with this pillow, the material is soft and feels high quality. The print is crisp and clear, and the artwork is stunning! 🧡 Really happy with my purchase from this store! I love him so much 🧡 My pillow insert is a bit small for the case, but I plan to get a pillow from Mitgard when I can!

Toga V1 Body pillow case

I love it! The tricot is soft and stretchy. The design is beautiful and detailed. The colors are bright and vibrant. Thank you!

Finally a beautiful 2B body pillow!

I've been searching for a good quality body pillow for 2B for a long time. Once I saw this one, I immediately bought it. Arrived today and the detail/design are great. As expected from Mitgard! Thank you!
Love to order from your website!

Vivid Colors, Amazing Art,and Great Quality

An amazing body pillow and is probably my favorite. I love how the colors pop out

Cute blood loving girl

It's great having her around my room. Front and back design are great.

Silky smooth and Beautiful print quality

I have the 2-way tricot daki and it is so soft that I can't stop feeling how smooth the textile is. The print quality is also very high. Very high quality daki, the image is crisp, the tricot is fantastic. It is a fantastic product.

(My inner is pretty bad, not a true 150x50, so any issue fit wise is from that)

Nagatoro Pillowcase - Super High Quality!

I bought the 160cm / 2-Way Tricot for my Dakimakura Inner Pillow (Kumochi filling 160cm 4.0 - 4.4 kg) from and it fits PERFECTLY. While it did take 1.5 months for it arrive...Mitgard was very, very prompt, kind, and helpful the couple of times I messaged customer service to ask about the shipping status. As I understand, this was due to recent/unfortunate troubles in China. Anyway, the pillowcase did arrive undamaged and the quality of it is exceptionally high! The print of Nagatoro is incredibly high resolution on both sides and the 2-way tricot feels smooth, luxurious, and supple upon touching it. Serious upgrade for my bare dakimakura pillow! I was very careful when inserting the pillow into the case but it seems that the material of the pillowcase is very durable and should not rip easily at all. I found the simplest way of inserting the pillow into the case is by bunching the pillowcase up, placing the pillow into the opening, standing up while holding the pillow and pillowcase, then gently pulling upward on the pillowcase to smoothly swallow up the pillow. It takes a little wriggling to get it going at first but nothing too difficult or worrisome at all. The fit is seriously perfect, I'm beyond impressed!

Perfect Pillow for me !

I love her so much, sex is perfect with my waifu ! YouTube video placeholder

High quality images on both sides, nice material (I got the peach skin!). My issues are how easy lint, hair, and stuff gets stuck on it and also the long shipping, but nothing’s perfect! I cuddled it in bed and easily fell asleep not wanting to leave. That should say something. Now Adachi gets to be lazy all day while he further influences me to slack off too.

Absolutely Awesome!!!

If your Waifu is not on the website and you want to live out your fantasy this is it. My commission was made with the exact details I gave them. I commissioned the chronoa body Pillow and she looks amazing. Being a fan of a not so popular character left me very few options online. So I knew had to have someone make her and she looks just as sexy as I wanted her to look. If you want your favorite female character on a Pillow and Look as Sexy as Possible this is the place I highly recommend it.


Excellent work.

The code gease custom pillowcase

I love this 2 way tarcoit pillowcase (50cm by 150cm)it is so stoft I don't want to get out of bed sometimes. The artwork turned out better than I expected. I just sent over the cover of the fan made manga and the official figures I had of the characters I wanted lelouch and suzaku from code gease. Told the artist what I wanted and he or she took it from there.

The artist kept me in the loop and let me put all the input I wanted into the artwork. In the end I was very pleased with the final product.

The only suggestion I would make would maybe be a little meet the artist in the end of the email. I would thank the artist directly but I don't know their real first name and I am not sure if the person who handled cummaction with me was the artist or just a customer service representative acting as a liaison.

Great All-around

Art was great, the case itself was great, the person it was for absolutely loves it & uses it whenever possible.

Ochako Uraraka Body Pillow Case Review

The Case was awesome made out of great material and Everything. I got the Peach skin for her and She was Great. It took a while to arrive but it was well worth the wait.

Luv it

Absolutely love both my Rena and Ryoko perfect 10 can not wait till my next order arrives.

So nice

I love it. The colors are great, the velvet texture is perfect for winter snuggling sessions. Its my second pillow and i continue to love them every day

So easy with the best results !!!

Was curious about ordering a custom design so I thought I’d try it, the communication was spot on & friendly every time and when it came down to previewing the design and making alterations I was surprised by how quickly these were done.
Obviously seeing an image on an email was nothing compared to when it actually arrived & I just gotta say how blown away I was, it arrived just before Christmas and I couldn’t have been happier so I’ll definitely do it again.

Excellent quality and comfort

This is likely the best dakimakura cover quality I've had. This clearly justify the price.

Excellent print quality and very comfortable to the touch making it a great cuddle buddy to sleep.

It’s Fantastic! Cute , Soft

I absolutely love this cute Tamaki Amajiki plushie although it’s it a lighting was a little darker than shown on display but other than that it’s exactly what is shown on the image display

Thank you!

adore him

amazing purchase i love my scrunkly and im glad to have given my doppio pillow a friend

I finally got my package

The best pillow I have ever bought. It was worth the wait 🙂🙂


The texture and its softness is out of this world. 100 is expensive it is worth once the purchase in a life time