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Here you can look for our happy customers that purchase our products, pillows and dakimakuras too! Look at here:
Based on 993 reviews
Astaroth Queen of the Inferno

I've been searching for a daki for this character for a long time. Unfortunately such daki didn't exist. So I had to commission one. I did not know what to expect since I never had a daki. But after a lengthy process the results are very nice.

Vergil Body pillow case
Billy Remington

Vergil Body pillow case

Venti V1 Body pillow case
Stephanie Warren

I love this pillow

Great Quality

The quality of the image is amazing and the colors are vibrant. I ordered in the peach fabric which I've always known & heard to be the 'best'- it feels really nice even despite it being super hot during these summer months. I even thought I snagged it once with one of my rings, but turns out I did not- that was relieving. This is a nice sturdy fabric.

Chihiro Fujisaki: Ultimate Pillow Case!

Mitgard did an excellent job sending updates to me via email. It arrived in the estimated time that they’d say it arrived. My case did have an issue (the zipper broke), so they were kind enough to send a replacement. Chihiro Fujisaki is a character that means a lot to me, so I’m glad I can cuddle a representation of said character in the comfort of my home.


He's so hot, I love him so much!

Love the art

Good quality!

Daddy Ganon is very nice 😊

Evelynn & Kai´sa KDA Body pillow case

Catwoman Body pillow case

I love my birb 🧡

Everything lived up to my expectations with this pillow, the material is soft and feels high quality. The print is crisp and clear, and the artwork is stunning! 🧡 Really happy with my purchase from this store! I love him so much 🧡 My pillow insert is a bit small for the case, but I plan to get a pillow from Mitgard when I can!

The cover came pretty fast after it shipped out. The material was soft and the artwork itself is pretty good. Well worth it.

I bought the cover and it it was super soft. Art looks wonderful and it came fast. Well worth it.


Il est trop mignon 😻

Caulifla / Kefla Undress Body pillow case


C17 est trop mignon, je suis très content.

Shigaraki Tomura V3 Keychain MY HERO ACADEMIA

Very nice quality

No bleeding colors, blemishes or imperfections. The stitching is neat and the velvet fabric is super soft and comfy. I am very happy with how she turned out, excellent job.

Gardevoir Body pillow case

Amazing case!

Always get the 2-way tricot, it is super awesome, stays cool (which is real good for summertime) and has great print quality. Amazing first purchase from this store. Now I get to cuddle with daddy Wesker :) definitely will be coming back for more.

Semi realistic

Everything came out good. It was my fault for changing things which made the project last a long time. I recommend having an exact ideas before ordering. The art work is the best it’s worth it.

Cute and sexy!

I got the PG version of this with a sheet draped over Reki's back and in 150cm size. The graphic is very well printed and the fabric soft and shiny. I like the cute pose looking back over his shoulder and the other fully dressed side is a joyful pose. Really pleased with the purchase

Body pillow ibuki mioda

Everything is perfect ! size, colors, quality and softness.


AAAAHHHHH I LOVE HIM, he's so soft and the perfect size. I'm so happy he's here, and the art is just so *chefs kiss*.