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Ms. Fortune Body pillow case SKULLGIRLS

Love it

I love it


Like the art, the material, it is so soft & bright. Probably need an extra filling for a pillow, but still really nice!

Pinkie Pie Body pillow case MY LITTLE PONY

I love the Pinkie Pie Body pillow case 5 stars grat art work i hope the other. MY LITTLE PONY character the mane 6 get add to your site look 4 word to buying mour itemes and pillow case .


The quality of this really blew me away! I wasn't expecting it to be THIS good, and given how great it is, I would definitely recommend this design to anyone who loves HxH!

My pillowcase is awesome thank you for your help

Never received my product

After pay 15 dollars in shipping to recieve a piece of cloth almost 30 days after I ordered it the package never arrived. Do not buy from these scammers

Hello, we will send you the details of your order, but by the tracking this was unclaimed.


Link is ♥️


The zipper is very durable and the velvet feeling is so soft after a proper hand wash. Inside the package was a nice note on how to care for my new dakimakura. I hand wash my dakimakura using a easy bleach free detergent and hanged dry. Love the design!

Love it!

This is my first Dakimakura cover, and I couldn't be happier! The print quality is as smooth as the drawing looks and the material used is high quality.

POKEMON Miltank Strap Keychain baby pillow anime

Review KMS U47 (Azur Lane)

I got my custom desinged dakimakura, a few weeks ago. Now i can sleep with my Waifu every Night.

The communication with the designer/support was really good, fast and patiently even if you have a lot of changes.

I am extremly satisfied with the product and can highly recommand it.

(bad exposure on the pictures, they are very collourfull /awesome in real )


Très bonne qualité et les coutures son nikel

MY HERO ACADEMIA Usagiyama Rumi / Mirko Body pillow case Dakimakura

POKEMON Nidoqueen NSFW Body pillow case Dakimakura

Life changing

After patiently waiting on the arrival of Lady D, I was overwhelmed by the quality and over all size of the pillow case. I chose the velvet material which makes her quite warm, and she contains roughly 30-35 pounds of filling. The best part (apart from the snuggs) is proving that I am the bigger resident evil fan than my friends!

RANMA 1/2 Ranma Saotome Body pillow case Dakimakura

Made my little sister so happy

I bought this body pillow case for my sister and she loves it!!!!!!

Looks and Feels Nice

I love how it looks and feels. I cannot give a full opinion quite yet, however, as I have yet to acquire a pillow that fits this dakimakura well. Once I get some more money together, I’ll purchase a pillow for this product.

Where is my package?

I never even got my pilllow. 200$ thrown down the drain

Hello, we will send you a inbox about the details of the shipping time. Thank you.

My hopes and dreams came true

Perhaps the best 2 way tricot I'd laid hands on, very smooth and clear. Now I have Madoka-sama with me to fill me with hope for the foreseeable future.


The fast delivery was great and the product was so pretty! I love it!