You can look here for many of our avaliable Dakimakuras of only anime/cartoon girls. Look for what are you looking for!!
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162 reviews

The commission was beautiful and the staff was extremely helpful. Mitgard went out of their way to make sure I had the best experience possible and I am very grateful for that.
I look forward to doing business with them again someday. I've already recommended this site to several friends.

Devils Do Cry..

Elizabeth was extremely nice during the production of the dakimakura! From start to finish, was always helpful! My body pillow came out the way I wanted it and is definitely worth the price! Just be aware that it does take time for it to get to your home since it has to ship internationally! Everything is worth it though! Will buy from again!
(Note: the pictures provided aren't the full dakimakura!)

Lovely Pillow Case

I have used my Overwatch Brigitte Lindholm pillow case since I received it over a month ago, and it has been a very soft help for my sleep inability. I suffer from restless leg syndrome, as well as bad knee ligaments which affect the nerve running up the side of my upper legs. Using a body pillow helps me rest better, and I just hadn't found a "like-able" case for one on sites like Amazon and Ebay. The patterns are usually too loud in color or just ugly vector graphics geometry. I had seen this case advertised by Mitgard on Amazon, and always wanted to get a dakimakura case but couldn't because of my ex, and decided to go through Mitgards actual website, instead of the Amazon middle-man tape. It took about 2 & a 1/2 weeks to get it, but it was worth the wait. The material is extremely smooth and silky, and doesn't get too warm against me. It stays cool and comfy, and I figured if I was going to own a dakimakura pillow, I might as well get a design I REALLY liked. How could a guy or gal NOT find Brigitte Lindholm irresistible, and huggable. I am very happy with the design for now, and until I meet my next girlfriend, I can at least have something nice looking to wake up to in the mornings.

Glad to Have This Item

I bought this as an inside joke, and I’m actually growing attached to it haha. Shipping took a little too long, however the case was true to size.