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Artist commission body pillow dakimakura: CELL SHADING Painted version

Artist: Mitgard StoreSeries:

SKU: MG15CD0006

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You are tired of find a dakimakura of your favorite character? This service is for make a custom illustration to be printed on a body pillow case or a dakimakura. The character can be of any series, anime, etc. can be SFW or NSFW. The info character must to be sent to our mail:  before you can make your order.

 We have 2 versions for your pruchased with the quantity pictures:

1) For 2 custom commissions you will get:

  • 2 comissioned illustrations with the style painting CELL shading.
  • 2 original art files.
  • 1 physical cover dakimakura with the size that you choose.


2) For 4 custom commissions (2 SFW + 2 NSFW) you will get:

  • 4 comissioned illustrations with the style painting CELL shading. 2 pictures SFW with a diferent pose each one and 2 pictures NSFW version with the same pose of the SFW version.
  • 4 original art digital files.
  • 2 physical cover dakimakura with the size that you have chosen.

Important info:

  • The time of the illustration can take  1-2 months for finish it (if it have many details it can take some days more).
  • The time production of the dakimakura after I finished the illustration is 10-15 laboral days before be shipped to your home.
  • Mitgard Store have the rights to sell it after you get the finished files.
  • The jpg pictures is only for personal use, you can´t sell it without our autorization.
  • Shipping time may take time depending on the shipping option you choose. The regular time is 20-30 working days on average. Here you can look for more details of the shipping time.



Here let you introduce the available artists for commission at the store. They can decide whether or not to illustrate the order you assign. Therefore you must first write to our email at to confirm your request.



Artist commission body pillow: Look for your dreamed custom OC / character Dakimakura - CELL SHADING Painted version

If you like to get a another type of painting, you can buy it here:

Artist commission body pillow: Look for your dreamed custom OC / character Dakimakura - CELL SHADING Painted version Artist commission body pillow: Look for your dreamed custom OC / character Dakimakura - CELL SHADING Painted version


    Here you can get your inner pillow.

    Artist commission body pillow: Look for your dreamed custom OC / character Dakimakura - CELL SHADING Painted version


    Full refund or resend,if the postal service lost your order during shipping.
    Full or partial Refund,
    if the item is not as described.
    30 Day echange Warranty,
    if the item is not correct.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 64 reviews
    WAR DEMON KIRSTIN, body pillow custom

    The body pillow looks better than expected in person compared to the pictures sent. The artist and staff were very patient with me and I with them. I thank them for there patience. Will definitely buy again in the future. There were two different tracking numbers from FedEx. Since I have the app I tracked both didn't know if the other one was a mistake or a glitch. I got my pillow case in good condition.

    Excellent Kill La Kill Case!

    I commissioned the Satsuki Kiryuin cover and I've loved my order ever since. The commission process was transparent and responsive to my desired changes. The shipping was on time and track-able, and the artwork came out fantastic! The quality of the two-way tricot case has held up and is so comfortable I can't sleep without out it anymore. Mitgaurd earned themselves a lifetime customer with their amazing products!

    Andrew Miller
    Absolutely Awesome!!!

    If your Waifu is not on the website and you want to live out your fantasy this is it. My commission was made with the exact details I gave them. I commissioned the chronoa body Pillow and she looks amazing. Being a fan of a not so popular character left me very few options online. So I knew had to have someone make her and she looks just as sexy as I wanted her to look. If you want your favorite female character on a Pillow and Look as Sexy as Possible this is the place I highly recommend it.

    Clara C.
    The code gease custom pillowcase

    I love this 2 way tarcoit pillowcase (50cm by 150cm)it is so stoft I don't want to get out of bed sometimes. The artwork turned out better than I expected. I just sent over the cover of the fan made manga and the official figures I had of the characters I wanted lelouch and suzaku from code gease. Told the artist what I wanted and he or she took it from there.

    The artist kept me in the loop and let me put all the input I wanted into the artwork. In the end I was very pleased with the final product.

    The only suggestion I would make would maybe be a little meet the artist in the end of the email. I would thank the artist directly but I don't know their real first name and I am not sure if the person who handled cummaction with me was the artist or just a customer service representative acting as a liaison.

    Kyle Nissen
    Great All-around

    Art was great, the case itself was great, the person it was for absolutely loves it & uses it whenever possible.

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