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Unique designs body pillows added, every week.

Lopunny Body pillow case POKEMON Mitgard-KnightLopunny Body pillow case POKEMON Mitgard-Knight
Lucario Body pillow case POKEMON Mitgard-KnightLucario Body pillow case POKEMON Mitgard-Knight
Lopunny Mousepad 3D POKEMON Mitgard-KnightLopunny Mousepad 3D POKEMON Mitgard-Knight
Mitgard-KnightLopunny Mouse pad 3D POKEMON
$35.00 USD
Gardevoir Mousepad 3D POKEMON Mitgard-KnightGardevoir Mousepad 3D POKEMON Mitgard-Knight
Mitgard-KnightGardevoir Mouse pad 3D POKEMON
$35.00 USD
Gardevoir V2 Keychain POKEMON Mitgard-KnightGardevoir V2 Keychain POKEMON Mitgard-Knight
Mitgard-KnightGardevoir V2 Keychain POKEMON
$10.00 USD
Bea V1 Keychain POKEMON Mitgard-KnightCopy of MY HERO ACADEMIA Toshinori Yagi / All Might Strap Keychain pillow - 4
Mitgard-KnightBea V1 Keychain POKEMON
$10.00 USD
Miltank Keychain POKEMON Mitgard-KnightMiltank Keychain POKEMON Mitgard-Knight
Mitgard-KnightMiltank Keychain POKEMON
$10.00 USD
Hex Maniac Mousepad 3D POKEMON Mitgard-KnightHex Maniac Mousepad 3D POKEMON Mitgard-Knight
Mitgard-KnightHex Maniac Mouse pad 3D POKEMON
$35.00 USD
Nessa Keychain POKEMON Mitgard-KnightNessa Keychain POKEMON Mitgard-Knight
Mitgard-KnightNessa Keychain POKEMON
$10.00 USD
Nidoqueen Keychain POKEMON Mitgard-KnightNidoqueen Keychain POKEMON Mitgard-Knight
Mitgard-KnightNidoqueen Keychain POKEMON
$10.00 USD
Mega Lopunny Keychain POKEMON Mitgard-KnightMega Lopunny Keychain POKEMON Mitgard-Knight
Mitgard-KnightMega Lopunny Keychain POKEMON
$10.00 USD
Lucario Mousepad 3D POKEMON Mitgard-KnightLucario Mousepad 3D POKEMON Mitgard-Knight
Mitgard-KnightLucario Mouse pad 3D POKEMON
$35.00 USD
Mewscarada Mousepad 3D Mitgard-KnightMewscarada Mousepad 3D Mitgard-Knight
Mitgard-KnightMewscarada Mouse pad 3D
$35.00 USD

All the available designs for Pokemon body pillow dakimakura with a high quality and design, available sizes 50cmx150cm, 50cmx160cm & 60cmx180cm

Dakimakura body pillows are not just for sleeping. They are also used as decorative pillows, especially in anime and manga culture. Many people collect Dakimakura body pillows featuring their favorite anime or manga characters, often referred to as 'waifu' or 'husbando' pillows.


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