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I did not receive the dakimakura.

Unfortunately i did not receive the dakimakura. So can you please check why this is so?

Custom OC Dakimakura

The artist did a good job, despite me giving little to go off besides a text description. At each stage of production I was given a chance to make changes in the illustrations. So any problems are my fault for not correcting. That said the artist was not completely fluent in English (decent but not great) and that may have resulted in some minor miscommunications, which again were my fault for not straightening out. Overall it looks quite good, the print quality is high and the fabric is soft, although not as soft as I was expecting. I am only giving it less than 5 stars because the front and back illustrations have noticeably different proportions, which is something I don't feel should have needed pointing out to fix. So if you want one just be sure to take advantage of the opportunities for revision, don't be shy about it like me. I very well may order another one sometime in the future.


Great fabric, very well-made. 2-way tricot is the way to go

Look for your dreamed custom OC / character Dakimakura - hugging body pillow anime - Flat cell shading Painted version

JoJo 's Bizarre Adventure _ Robert E. O. Speedwagon 3 - Dakimakura body pillow hugging case anime