We are now ejoyning the last days of this year and we wish you the best holidays and also you complete The goal of this year, be yourself!
So now we will procced to the news that will be present on this next days!:

About the new orders: The orders made from this december 28th - January 1th will have a delay for 1 laboral day added to the normal time production (3-5 laboral days). The new shippings will be starting to the next January 8th. So for compesation and for the holidays of the end year the discount will be remain up to January 1th with the 10 % off for all your purchase (no custom dakimakura included or SALE section products).

About the Laboral days: Its only for a clarification:
- Them Include Monday - friday.
- Not include december 24-25th, 31th and january 1th. (and also another holidays of the year that be inside the laboral days).

About our team: Taking advantage of the holidays, we also want to mention that we will enter a short vacation starting from December 31th to January 7th. So we will only attend the inbox of your queries at night (-5gmt) and on those days there will be no shipping, personalized illustrations, or production. The new orders will continue with their normal production starting on January 8th.

About the status shipping: Do not forget that many orders are still behind by the saturation of the postal service for these holidays, so many who have waiting time in December will extend the days until January, it is something that we can´t handle since Your orders are being handled with your corresponding national postal service. Any questions, you can send us an Inbox and we will be willing to answer all your questions at the night time for we can help you the better way.

We are very grateful with all the welcome and support provided during this year 2019. It has been a year of great growth in many ways, so for this next year we will seek to improve in many aspects and you will notice it with your next orders and products presented in Our nice store. Let this new year 2020 come with new surprises for everyone, the very good ones of course!


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