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Fubuki Body pillow case ONE PUNCH-MAN

Artist: Mitgard-KnightSeries:

SKU: MG15D08521

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Mitgard store produces body pillow dakimakura artist-supported, for that you will get an excellent printing detail from the illustrations as they are made exclusively for our site. The fabrics that we handle will stand out from the rest for their high quality, seam and firmness, so you will receive a durable product with excellent illustration printing.


  • This is 1 body pillow cover, inner body pillow NOT INCLUDED.
  • Selected size information: 50cm x 150cm, 50cm x 160 cm, 60cm x 180cm.
  • If you wish to combine 1 design with another one of our store, you can Match your dakimakura.
  • The watermark and dithering lower will be removed on the final product.
  • You can get by this link the inner body pillow.

details product body pillow


2way tricot:

  • Softness 5/5    ★
  • Clarity 5/5         ★
  • Brightness 2/5  ★
  • Durability 5/5     ★

It has a good fabric weight unlike others, nice and soft to the touch, great colors, stretch and durability. Weakness: Sharp object or a pointed nail, it can pull a few threads of the fabric.

Peach skin:

  • Softness 4/5     ★
  • Clarity 5/5          ★
  • Brightness 1/5   ★☆
  • Durability 5/5      ★

Unlike other fabrics on the market, this is A strong fabric and its texture is soft similar to the peach fruit. Fairly clear print. Weakness: The fabric is firm and does not stretch.


  • Softness 5/5      ★
  • Clarity 3/5           ★
  • Brightness 4/5    ★
  • Durability 5/5       ★

This fabric it has small hairs that make its texture quite soft like short hair stuffed animals. The image is clear. This one stretches too. Weakness: Clarity of the image for the texture of the fabric.

comparison fabric


  • After the purchase, we printing our covers to-order and it takes 5-15 days before be sent to the postal service.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Fubuki Body pillow case ONE PUNCH-MAN

Mckennon Escatel

Fubuki Body pillow case ONE PUNCH-MAN

Max Million
Lovely cover design, but...

Theres no Fubuki dakimakura available anywhere, so I was glad to find this site making her available here.

Though this is only a four out of five stars because when I compare the product to whats being shown on the site, the colors on the product are DEEPLY saturated and dark, making it hard to see the smaller details (like the curvature on her body in her dress)

This site supplies some unique characters, but this issue is pretty common looking at the last 4 dakimakuras i ordered here. While some people might see a problem in this, for me its not enough to turn me away as I would like to stick around see what other products this site produces.

Hello. Thank you for your feedback. Now we saw the illustrations was having problems with the darker areas like the dress of this one. For that we are editing the illustrations so that these problems do not happen again and for the future you can obtain a product near those shown in the store. You have a good day.


Lovely art work, lovely print, no complaints from me! 1+ for the collection!