Update April 8:

Welcome everybody. We want to announce that currently production continues to be held by the quarantine declared in our country Peru. This quarantine is not yet to be completed very soon, so today it was extended again until the end of this month. Therefore, to give you and our staff better security, orders will resume from May 25 on average. When work resumes we will do our best to complete your orders on time and make sure your order is completed.

Regarding the custom dakimakuras that have already been completed, they must wait until the production date so that your order can be sent to you. 

We are attentive to solve any question or problem with your orders, only reply us to our email support@mitgard.com

We hope you can understand this situation and we wish you all to maintain good health for everyone.



Update March 27:

Currently, as you should know, several countries are taking preventive measures against the covid-19 virus. Our country Peru is also taking similar general quarantine measures, for that our store is extending the production time until April 20, date that will start the shipping process, we hope you understand it and We will let you know any extra news about this.

If you have any request or questions, please contact us by email support@mitgard.com  Thank you very much and also take care of yourself and your family.



March 16:

Hello everyone. Today we had news from our Peruvian authorities about the care to take against the COVID-19 Virus, so we feel responsible for issuing this new message:

We are currently in a state of emergency, this means the stoppage of almost all commercial activities and free transit, the state of our company is stable and in good health, but due to these laws, many of our orders will have a delay in dispatching 11 working days added to the normal shipping time. The state of emergency finish to this march 30th.

This situation is to prevent the spread of the virus to our country. Until today we have always seen to be able to fulfill your requests on time and help many with their orders. so we ask that you please have a little patience and your support to face these difficulties together.

New orders will still be received, but now with the added time described in the shipping time of each order. And for many of the custom orders they will continue working at the time described until waiting for the production time. After the emergency days are over, the production time will be reduced to normal.

If you have any request or questions, please contact us by email support@mitgard.com and also follow our announcements by email and social networks. From all the Mitgard Studio team we wish you well-being and Health and to all your family.

Best Regards
Mitgard Studio staff

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