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TOUKEN RANBU Tsurumaru Kuninaga-V3 Strap Keychain baby pillow anime


VENDOR: Mitgard Studio



Ilustration made by Mitgard-Knight

This strap dakimakura have 6cmx18cm. Have a nice print and great for travel with it.

This have the print of your favorite character on it with full body picture. Yu can take it with you wherever you want to have it or play with him too. You can enjoy the softess of the fabric and the high quality resolution print of the picture too. So dont lose the oportunity to get your favorite character on the real life too!


- Size: 6cm x 18cm.
- Material: Angel skin.
- The strap dakimakura have two sides printed or one printed for your choice.
- The watermark and dithering lower will be removed on the final product.
- This strap are filled like the picture.
- It has a little chainball for the top of this strap.


- International Shipping avaliable.
- The keychain take us 5-10 laboral days for be produced before be shiped to your home. 
- Please wait until 30 bussines days for the Processing and shipping.

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TOUKEN RANBU Tsurumaru Kuninaga-V3 Strap Keychain baby pillow anime

TOUKEN RANBU Tsurumaru Kuninaga-V3 Strap Keychain baby pillow anime

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RANMA 1/2 Ranma Saotome Body pillow case Dakimakura

Made my little sister so happy

I bought this body pillow case for my sister and she loves it!!!!!!

Looks and Feels Nice

I love how it looks and feels. I cannot give a full opinion quite yet, however, as I have yet to acquire a pillow that fits this dakimakura well. Once I get some more money together, I’ll purchase a pillow for this product.

Where is my package?

I never even got my pilllow. 200$ thrown down the drain

Hello, we will send you a inbox about the details of the shipping time. Thank you.

My hopes and dreams came true

Perhaps the best 2 way tricot I'd laid hands on, very smooth and clear. Now I have Madoka-sama with me to fill me with hope for the foreseeable future.