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Great but wrong picture on one of the sides :(

Bewitching Kunoichi

Simply put, the pillow cover is one of the best I have ever had the pleasure to snuggle up next to. I love the art and the service. Thank you, it is wonderful.

MY HERO ACADEMIA Keigo Takami / Hawks Body pillow case Dakimakura


Perfect! Material is super soft and the artwork is phenomenal! :)

POKEMON Miltank NSFW Body pillow case Dakimakura

Grand Glorious Gathering

This is the 2nd commission daki I have had done here. I convinced myself that I needed to get a second one so I can have one to hold regardless of which side I roll to when sleeping. It's fantastic and I love it as much as the first one I had made. Will eventually get more.

Love it

Got the cover faster than expected. He's so snuggly and sexy.

My best friend was so excited for it and loved it very much. She just hated waiting so long.

Honest review

So I purchased this item for a good friend of mine she adores Prince Sidon and I wished to give this as her birthday gift. I ordered it on the first but unfortunately it did not arrive on time hence my 4 star review product was promised 15-20 day shipping but arrived 30 days after the order was placed. I contacted midgard on day 20 for a status update which took 3 days for a reply and I was responded with they had delays and it would be shipped day 25 no update on the tracking so I emailed again and they confirmed shipment was in route. Day 30 it arrived I gifted the item and she loved it.

Product felt soft and looked really well done looks better in person. Only gave it a 4 due to shipping/delay/no updates.

MY HERO ACADEMIA Enji Todoroki / Endeavor Body pillow case Dakimakura

Amazing product

I wasn't sure about getting a body pillow at first, but I'm a huge fan of Hawks and when I saw this case I immediately ordered it. It arrived quickly and the quality is amazing and exactly as described on the site. 10/10 I would highly recommend ordering if you are a Hawks fan or if you see a fav character available.

I love it!!

i finally get to be with my boyfriend hehe :) he's super soft :0

DIGIMON TAMERS Renamon Body pillow case dakimakura


Perfect! I love Azula and have been wanting one of these for a while and this one is so perfect! Super soft.

The Perfect man to soothe my late night anxiety

I asked for this sweet gentleman as a gift for Christmas, he may have came a little late due to the pandemic, but nevertheless, he arrived. I chose the cheapest size and the cheapest material, and I love him very much, he may collect a lot of fuzz and hair (I have very long hair and it sheds a little here and there), but that's nothing a little lint roller stick can't fix, the reason I asked for him for Christmas? The house makes a lot of settling noises and there's a lot of noises that go off outside my house, and not to mention my older brother makes a lot of noise in his room in the middle of the night (my older brother stays up all night and his room is next door to my room, and the walls aren't exactly sound proof), so it tends to startle me awake, and it makes me nervous. That's where good ol' JoJo comes in, ever since I've gotten him, my anxiety has lessened by a ton, ever since he was delivered late at night on December 26th, I've been taking naps with the sweet gentlemanly giant ever since (lol his canonical height is six foot five in the manga and anime. It's very comforting to imagine him holding me, considering I am a four foot eleven young woman). Another reason why I decided to ask for this pillow case for Christmas, is because in the past I had unknowingly bought several different bootlegs, and after experiencing this mitgard dakimakura case, I'd say mitgard's pillowcase is a million worlds better than the bootlegs. So, the last question, why did I get this dakimakura of Jonathan Joestar? well considering I've recently gotten into JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and I've been reading the manga (I got issues two and three for Christmas but I've yet to read them, lol), and considering I've been so smitten with Jonathan, I figured, why not have the JoJo that started it all as my first dakimakura purchase? I mean, considering Jonathan's kinda been my comfort character ever since I've began to read JJBA, plus I've been kind of anxious since this pandemic's been a thing, It was a perfect match. The print is extremely good quality, the fabric feels up to snuff with regular blank pillow cases, and that's wonderful to me, personally. the package came with washing and drying instructions, and instructions on how to place it on a body pillow, plus the artist's business cards, and a coupon. All in all, I'm very happy with my new husband (lol I'm joking, or am I ???), and I hope to buy more products in the future. Thank you sooooo much for my new cuddle partner, I'm definitely going to take naps with him every day and night. >w

Obsessed with the body pillow!!

I love how soft it is and long it is!! Such a good gift for myself because you know, sometimes you gotta treat yourself in times like this. Tenya looks perfect and it’s definitely worth buying the pillow :D

Never recieved

Never recieved package, had trouble tracking once it was returned to sender.

HAIKYUU!! Tetsurou Kuroo v1 Body pillow case dakimakura

This purchase was a gift for Xmas, made me "Best Mom Ever"

Definitely a well-made and one-of-a-kind Daki for Crusch fans

Solid two-way tricot, feels soft and wonderful to cuddle, easy to clean by hand, and so far the only instance of a Crusch Lulu daki I have seen available for purchase. Worthwhile for sure and definitely a good pick if you'd prefer a more thicc and perhaps lewder version that the more sorta accurate V1 still on the site.

Feels Great, Looks Even Better

Title says it all, the quality on feel and looks is top notch.

Good quality and Design

The Print is high Quality and the Design is top nogde, as a Xayah fan it warms my heart to see such a well made Cover. ❤

Fluffy Pillow

The pillow is nice and fluffy. Im in love with it. Its so compfy i didnt wanna get out of bed. 😊

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